Honda will soon export 1.6 liter I-DTE Turbo diesel engine from India

Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) – Japanese automaker’s Indian car maker – has now started building 1.6-liter I-DTEC turbo diesel engine in its thermal plant in Rajasthan. Currently this engine is for export only, and Honda is planning to export it to the Thailand market. However, all this can change soon because Honda has prepared an updated CR-V crossover and new Civic sedan for the Indian launch. Continue Reading………….

Datsun launches Ready-Go 1.0 and AMT variants in July

In July, Renault-Nissan Group’s low-priced car – Datsun Reddy -Go, gets two variants in India. One version will be characterized by a large, 1 liter -3 cylinder petrol motor, which is also seen in Renault Quid, while the second will include a 5-speed AMT option with a larger engine. New variants are to make the car more attractive for those who want a cheap automatic hatchback and also for those who consider the 800 cc ready-go as low power cars for highways. Continue Reading……………